The Splat and Shrapnel

Come In Barcelona

“Seneca accuses me of putting all my “eggs” in one “basket.” By basket Seneca means men, and the basket I’m in right now, Izzy. I usually put one egg in the basket at a time. I’m basically monogamous. If the egg breaks, or if I feel like switching it, I try not to worry about the gooey mess. But Seneca’s right, there’s no denying it, egg breaking is traumatic. It sends a shock to my nervous system. I twitch, I spasm, I shiver, I shit. I convulse, I’ve pulled hairs out. I chew my bottom lip. I don’t eat, I can’t sleep, my tongue is as parched as if I’m walking in a desert. After a while, I see it for what it is, a splat’s a splat. I move on. I hate runny eggs.”
Lodged in my brain.

Maggie Scratch


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