Maggie Scratch in Barcelona Today Digging Through The Rubble

Here’s my word for today: rubble. Yesterday in the Indian summer heat, with the door open and the window open, with the sky like sapphire milk, with the sun ready to take me to the beach, I sat inside at the computer doing my social media homework: “Start Interacting.” So I started. Twittering and tweeting and OMG—retweeting! Who even invented that? It was hard and I was hot but I persevered because I was looking for something, anything actually to interact with. I did find piles and piles of tweeted and retweeted shades-of-yellow-journalism-romance-novels-in-series. I found out how to write shades-of-yellow-journalism-romance-novels-in-series and how to find an agent to sell my romance-novels-in-series and how to blog those yellow series and tweet them and retweet them and teach others how to write them and tweet them and eventually self-publish them and even get those retweeted yellow series into libraries. Serious digging. Rubble begets rubble. I did finally find gold. I found Michiko Kakutani’s retweet of Eric Schlosser’s article in The Telegraph on August 2, 2015. On August 6, 1945, the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. I got very hot when I found that article. I went straight to the place on my shelf where I keep my very yellow but not romantic or in series Bantam Book 1946 paperback copy of Hiroshima by John Hersey.



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