Maggie Scratch in Barcelona Today on The Broken Rifle, Transfusion, Blood, Ibiza, Native Humans, Cells, Sacred Land

Transfusion SongBroken Rifle

Where was I born?

Does it matter?

What I was born is better.

I was born a human being,

in a town,

in a country,

in a family.

Red blood of all my mothers’

and all my fathers’

cells recycled.

I’m made of you,

you’re made of me.

Red blood!

So far nobody’s scratchin’

to see if it’s blue.

Red blood runs through all the animals too.


happened in Ibiza by chance.

On that island, in that country,

in that sky,

in that sea,

in those woods,

Native Humans,

Sacred Land,

“Doin’ Good!”

Bein’ free.


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