On The Road With Maggie Scratch and the Nude Rocks in Ios, Greece with P.P. Goldfeather and Yasser Arafat


“In July 1970 I was on the Greek island Ios. I lived on the beach. The Aegean Sea stretched before me like an endless shimmering turquoise carpet. I woke up to this carpet every morning. I had a clean, pre-fab room. I had a toilet, a shower, a bed with sheets and Greek women cooking in the kitchen. Ios was paradise, it was cheap, I could have stayed there forever. Yasser Arafat was the last thing on my mind. When P.P. Goldfeather guessed the leader of the PLO on only his eleventh question in the game of Twenty Questions he was playing with a Peace Corp buddy on the nude rocks, I was impressed. P.P. never lost a game. He narrowed things down. He used logic. He asked the right questions. He got answers. He put the answers together and got to the bottom of things. P.P. is like a skillful fisherman. He chooses the correct bait for a particular time and place and reels in his catch. After the Arafat guess I was interested. This wasn’t a blond surfer, this was a walking encyclopedia. And he was beautiful, tan all over, taut as a bow, and his blond hair wasn’t just blond, it was silver! The problem was, we were always naked and P.P. was very tall. His pubic hair stared me in the face. I didn’t try to speak to him. I read my book and watched.”

Maggie Scratch


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