Maggie Scratch in Barcelona Today is… For the Birds!

I can’t tweet. I’m not good at it. It doesn’t come naturally. That word tweet is for the birds!


It’s a luxury to live in Barcelona and have Greenfinches visit my Yankee Droll birdfeeder.


Yankee Droll


I imported my feeder from a big garden shop in a small village called Glenside in Pennsylvania. I love this place. The name sounds like a condom, but it’s a gardener’s dream.



Seems like pigeons pass on a parasite called Trichomonosis. Supposedly one in three Greenfinches die from this disease.

I’m advised to wash out the birdbath.


Those little grayish things on the right are little shells from the pipas (sunflower seeds) that pepper the colorful little seeds in the feeder. Greenfinches are crazy about pipas. Someone once told me: “Oh, no! Don’t give them pipas! It makes them fart!”

So, I really had to ask myself about this person’s advice. I mean…how did they know?

Off to work!



2 thoughts on “Maggie Scratch in Barcelona Today is… For the Birds!

  1. anroworld says:

    Cute birds! I have a huge garden next to my work and now cold days are looming, so we also try to prepare some usual feeders for birds and always fill them with food! It’s so exciting to see them catching food!

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  2. Susana Gross, Writer says:

    Yes Ann! I love to watch the birds eat…but it’s really a special treat when they drink from the birdbath and then fluff up their feathers and take a bath! Here I go—off to fill the feeder. You’re right, in this cold weather that has suddenly arrived from the north (Arctic, they say)…the birds are very hungry! See you later, much love from Birdland in Barcelona!


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