Maggie Scratch in Barcelona Tonight at Almazen with an Artist

Toni Keeler

Who is Tony Keeler?

This question is not only the title of the documentary film I was invited to see on its opening night in Almazen, but it is a question I’m now fortunate enough to know the answer to. Tony Keeler is an artist. He creates art. He has been creating art all his life. He lives an artist’s life. He is one with his art. His life IS his art and his art is his life. He can’t live without his art. He eats it alive and it eats him. Obsessive, he was called. Chaotic. Eccentric. So what kind of art does he create? He takes pictures like you and me and everybody else on the street, but Tony has a real camera, a Nikon 55 – 200mm. Photography. Anthropology. Humanity. His main focus is on people. Someone in the film compared him to Salgado and Bresson and Evans and that same person is convinced that the only reason Tony isn’t as famous as they are is because of politics. Tony doesn’t have the backing because he doesn’t belong to any country. He’s taken pictures all over the world. He feels at home in Sitges, Spain, but he’s a wandering soul, a searcher, itchy, restless, yes— obsessed! The essence of his life is art and I’m not sure how much art has to do with politics. That same person called him a portraitist. I don’t know if that word really exists, but that was definitely Tony’s trade. I saw hundreds of black and white pictures tonight of people I didn’t know. And then, I couldn’t believe my eyes…They opened the book called IBIZA and there he was, frozen in time on a page inside— the true blue Ibiza hippy from the days of Maggie Scratch —a hippy hero who lived a hippy life—a portrait, an homage, a tribute to the charming Tower Mel!

ibiza book





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