Maggie Scratch in Barcelona Tonight at Barra Llibre

I really get around town these days. Not on purpose, it’s just there’s a lot going on in intimate places with people I want to see. And in my world these days, sometimes tonight is last night. And this is where I was, in Sants, a neighborhood only 3 subway stops away, but I’m not used to heading in that direction. I never would have ended up here with my friend Lady Jane if it hadn’t been for Chryssula and her book. She presented  Juegos Malvados at Barra Llibre, a charming little book shop on a big open plaza with tapas and beer and empanadas and vermuth. We ate and we drank and I was feeling buoyant and free after talking to Isabel and Javi, the friendly Indies who want Maggie Scratch on their shelf! That door up there on the wall – it looks good to me. An escape hatch – watch out – here I go – Mary Poppins flying right into the rabbit hole!


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