Maggie Scratch in Barcelona Today with OMG! The Chiropractor!

Maybe you’ll be looking up at the sails on the ceiling if you visit Tobias or maybe your jaw will be resting quietly face down so you can breathe and you won’t know what hit you when the chiropractor comes over to your table to give you a piece of his mind. This is a lucky thing. If you are fortunate  enough to be lying on one of Dr. Goncharoff’s tables, the rest is coming bit by bit so, besides getting rid of the problem or the pain— be ready to change your life. Tobi told me today, “Everything is timing.” He meant, timing. This is not a word I can translate into Spanish, this is not a word to be tampered with. Timing is timing, you either have it or you don’t. You’re either ready or you’re not. Believe me, I’m skeptical. I’m not a believer. I don’t want to join movements or groups and I’m not fashionable or chic or in. I’m OUT. I’m just groping along. But I’m looking for something. I’m looking for a lot of things. I’m looking so hard I’m trying to see things I’ve never seen before. I didn’t know what hit me. All I know is…I’m different. OMG! It’s the chiropractor!

This is what I saw on my first visit to the chiropractor.

sailing into port.jpg One boat sailing in.


boat sailing in

And one boat sailing out.


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