Maggie Scratch in Barcelona at Turo Park for Christmas


tio vivo

Turo Park

I used to take my daughter to Turo Park when she was a little girl. It’s a beautiful park, dark green and earthy, with a big lily pond. There are benches everywhere, there are ping pong tables (love to smash!) and jungle gyms and sandboxes and there used to be a place to rollerskate where my father once took my daughter when she was wearing a pink parka about the same color as the Pink Panther on this merry-go-round. A lot has happened since that day. But the park hasn’t changed much except that I don’t see any goldfish in the pond anymore. These days are supposed to be happy and bright with the ’tis the season to be jolly’ written on our faces, but for some people this isn’t the case. There are people suffering, some are homeless, some are jobless, some are alone and some are sick. If you can come sit in Turo Park (and I’m not going to say ‘smell the flowers’ because there aren’t any right now) but if you can get here, smell the trees, the damp earth and the fresh leaves. You can smell the sky and the perfume on the women walking by. You can smell fresh air! You can smell yourself! You can see children playing and getting dirty and not caring at all. You can see the grass where the dogs run free. You can see the cypress Christmas trees and the velvety-feathery evergreens, oleanders, bay laurels and apartment buildings built for kings. It’s a circus! It’s happiness!  A paradise garden! And it’s free! If you’re sad you can get glad, come to Turo Park, look up at the sky—it’s a gift, a Christmas present, an unwrapped wish, a merry-go-round dream!

Turo Pond


Turo sky



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