Maggie Scratch in Barcelona Last Night with the Singer-Songwriter-Stuff




Here we were, most of us, hanging around the bar, trying to get close to where the music was, in this snug little jammin-crammin-hole-in-the-wall-of-a very cool place. Love is in the air here. It’s warm. It’s friendly. It’s family too. There’s something about this bar that makes me feel good, and I wasn’t the only one. I was leaning against a doorway post close up to the sound and next to me was a couple who were hoppin and boppin and smiling too. We couldn’t stand still, some people were sitting but they were shakin and movin in a happiness groove. Happy music, it made us all glad. We were all in it together listening to the songs, to the chords, to the guys, and loving it all. These dudes were sweating, they didn’t even take a break. They played their hearts out, they gave us what we needed, a little dancing, a little fun, sweet words to swallow down. Strings spanking the walls, tickling our ears, scratching our bodies, I hooted and cheered! Folksy, original, artsy and real. A bit of Irish-Celtish “Dirty old town”… I sang! Everyone sang! Those lines we all know!

Dirty old town, dirty old town…

 I couldn’t stand still, not for a minute, not last night.

The band

Nelson Poblete, Joe Lewis, Ricky Araiza

Joe and Nelson

Go For It

Happy Birthday Joe


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