Maggie Scratch in Barcelona Tonight with an Actor and an Agitator




Sometimes I feel like I could ride the subways all night and if it weren’t for the fact that I wanted to come home and post this blog I might still be riding. In fact, sometimes I feel like I could walk down all the little side streets in the city at Christmas and not come home and blog, but not tonight. Tonight is different. It started out here. I came to see Caspar do The Clock. As Robert said, “The clock has been in every time zone!” It’s a world famous act, it strikes a chord, rings a bell, especially at Christmas.

Plaza Catalunyaclock

And the actor,  Caspar.

casp and rob


Since blogs are sometimes like life and as life can be quite unpredictable and not turn out the way we imagine it will—this is what happened. I ended up in a bar called El Almiral in el Raval on a street called Joaquim Costa, with Robert Long, talking about things like “The Meaning of My Communication is the Response I Get.” Now, maybe this doesn’t mean much to you, at least you might think it doesn’t relate to your life, but it does. The flip side of that statement is, “What can I do in order to get the other person to understand me?” And Robert suggests: draw a picture. Why not? If words don’t work… “It’s your responsibility to get the other person to understand you.” I think he’s right! I mean, is he psychic—or what? Is he a fly on the wall in my life? How did he know? He knows because he works with this stuff, he calls them Communication Models. God, did we talk! How we ever got on the subject of the film The Graduate, I’ll never know, but that’s how I arrived at the word, Agitator. If you ever see The Graduate or if you’re vintage and you remember that film, you’ll recognize the word: AGITATOR. It’s a great word, it means someone who stirs things up. Robert is that someone. Do you want the Magic Carpet? Ritual with Meaning? A turning point? A life change? A new direction? Well being? Flexibility? Creativity? Psycho-Magic? Or… to sum it up in Robert’s words, how about this: “Don’t eat the menu! Eat the meal!”


Robert Long



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