Maggie Scratch in Barcelona Tonight with The Magic Kings, Better Than Broadway!



Tonight is THE most important night of the year here and all over Spain. It truly is magic. You know what the most magical thing about it is? Being here. Being on the streets where the most beautiful creations float by you with drums and dancing girls and confetti and candy and balloons and howling roaring faux animal events and it can get pretty scary too. I mean, claustrophobic. Body to body in a pool of bodies hungry for magic. Leaning, pointing, begging for magic, waiting for one of the three kings to step down off his Disneylike float and sweep you off your feet. Better than Broadway. Than just about anything I’ve ever seen. And I’ve been here at least a dozen times, but this year the floats were brighter, more musical, exotic, more fantasy…the magical mystery tour! And people, people in the shops, in the cafes, in the bars, in the metros, on the streets, bulging out of Barcelona. Yes, better than Broadway, it’s Barcelona! Better even than any night in Barcelona. I saw everybody! We were all together. We were one big happy family. Even in the crowd, the mob hungry for magic, we were one. Everywhere we were one. It was magic! I saw you there! I saw you! We are the magic! You are the magic! Be sweet! Be good!

Be the best you can be!



To the left of the red thumb…is…? Yep!


Chocolate con Churros?

Never tasted it?

Better than Broadway!


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