Maggie Scratch in Barcelona Tonight With The Magic

Café D’Automne


Claire Ducreux

I call this Café D’Automne a ballet. Is it? Why not. It’s movement and dance and music and magic. It’s Art. It’s Artists. It’s artists at work. It’s inspired, it’s inspiring, it’s a father and daughter  tap dancing, it’s whistling, it’s singing, it’s a tree. A park bench on wheels and umbrellas that fly, it’s thunder and rain and a stage floor full of musicians and my favorite thing — dry autumn leaves! It’s fall, it’s a bar, it’s a cafe, it’s love! It’s a feel good treat. It’s Claire in her body that you really shouldn’t miss. Is she a bird? Oh! That’s Mayte’s voice! What? You’ve never heard her sing?  A soul bewitched, that voice, it’s an other-worldly string. For a moment, for several moments, Claire hardly moves, but she flies — she flaps wings! She graces this earth with hardly a sound, she twirls, toes on the ground, arms full of Mayte’s sound. Come see for yourself this stage full of charm, of all kinds of strings and many more things — only three nights, what? And then, the show, the magic, the Flamenco and all the songs…gone?


Mayte Martín


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