Maggie Scratch in Barcelona Tonight Making Friends

Sometimes you meet incredible people. I’ve been to L’ Astrolabi Gràcia a few times but I never met Jordi Cantavella until the other night. Not only does he have a million stories — he’s written a million stories! And, gaging by his energy, his wit and his love of art and   living it — he’ll write a million more! How he does it, I don’t know. He juggles people and stories and booze and gigs as if he were shaking  martinis with a half a dozen arms.

Jordi Cantavella.jpg

Jordi Cantavella


El Justì

And where did he find these musicians?  A singer-guitar player  and a magic violin. Was it vintage? Folk? Cantautor? Yes, all of the above. It was more of that singer-songwriter stuff that I love.

The next surprise was a photographer named Rich. Just got back from a six month gig in India. Now Rich was one of those people  Jordi  juggled before the crowd came in. He juggled the three of us, Rich and Montse and me, and in fifteen minutes we connected — we were a threesome of old friends!  You can see by his photo what kind of person he is. Kind is the first word that comes to my mind. But not only that—he photographed my book and started tweeting Maggie Scratch ! It was Rich who imitated Jack Nicholson’s Easy Rider tick, which not everyone can do, it’s a rapid fire elbow movement with the words, “Nick nick!”

Rich Bowen.jpg

Rich Bowen

Montse Prats

Montse.jpgTalking to Montse was a breath of fresh air, what a smile — she’s beautiful ! She’s smart! She’s soulful and real! She has many stories and I hope to read them some day. Hello Montse! Hello friend! What a treasure we all found in Astrolabi that day!


3 thoughts on “Maggie Scratch in Barcelona Tonight Making Friends

  1. Roberto says:

    Hi Susana, I sent you a message on FB the other day, wondering whether you had a chance to read it? (It may be in your “Other Messages” inbox ;)).



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