Maggie Scratch in Barcelona With John Howlett

John Howlett


Grandson Cicc

John and Cicc.jpg

John. Nonno. Grandfather. Dad. Writer. Scriptwriter. Novelist. Historian. Biographer. Playwright. Guide. Guru. He gave me the time, he looked me in the eye, he wrote a line in my notebook, he assured me and reassured me, he understood, he called it, he nailed it, he heard it, he heard me, he answered me, he pinned it down, he turned it around, he made me laugh, he gave me the word, he knows, he knew, he told it like it is, he’s done it, he’s undone it, he’s redoing it now, it never ends, it ends, it begins and it spins, we tell it, retell it, try to sell it?, let go.

Aye, there’s the rub!

Let go?


Push the button?


Today, for the first time, I realize, the main character in my story, The Blue Shepherd — His name is John! Could it be…unconsciously…? Who knows why or where or how creation began, the story revealed, our heroes, our friends, our loved ones, the feared ones, a mystery without end. Thank you John Howlett! You and only you gave this gift to me… the seven words I need to finish this script, plucked from the mouth of … Leonardo Da Vinci !

“Dimmi se mai fu fatta alcuna cosa…”

“Tell me if anything ever was completed…”



Thank you to daughter, Isabel for the pics!


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