Maggie Scratch in Barcelona Tonight On Her Favorite Bench

Casa Fuster

Casa Fuster.jpgTry to imagine my bench. It’s directly in front of this building. I had just finished a very juicy dubbing for bottled water that was being aired in Mexico. I had to have a fluid voice and let the water flow through me.


The dubbing studio was down the street from my favorite bench. It’s a stone bench, smooth and rounded, fluid, almost watery. I have met friends at this bench.I have smoked cigarettes at this bench. I have written emails. Talked on the phone. Done nothing. Looked at the fountain. At the building. At the trees. I bought an Orbea bicycle at a shop on the corner. But the thing I do most on this bench is write things down. Take a few notes. Try to catch TIME. To pin it down. To trap it. To make it stand still. To eat up the seconds with words. To capture the beauty I see all around me. To hold the night. The secret in my palm. The wonder. The moment. Like water. Let it flow through me.


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