Maggie Scratch in Barcelona Today In Love With Total Decadence

La Marquise Decadente


In case you can’t guess, this is a bakery. In case you can’t get to Barcelona, I’ll just have to give you a taste of what you’re missing. First of all, there’s Miriam/Milagros who works miracles with her cakes. Beetroot, carrot, key-lime, Brazilian, Russian, of course choco, her cinnamon buns she calls rolls, Red Velvet, tea, coffee, cookies, candy, colorful, generous, gracious, homemade, a touch of class everywhere you look.


You can sit and dream and actually eat what you dream! Have breakfast, have a snack, feel blessed, especially if Miriam is there. Just meet her! Talk to her! Listen to her voice! She’s a pearl of a girl, as sweet as a baker can be. I pass by her shop almost every day, I still can’t believe she moved into my hood. I bought the carrot cake and cinnamon bun for my friend Gabriela. We had fun! We had a party! We brainstormed! We laughed! Miriam’s cakes—they do that!



And she makes a special something for a salty gal, like me!

It’s the Goat Cheese Pie!

I love it.

And…the best thing is —

it loves me!

Goat Cheese Pie





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