Maggie Scratch Reviewed…and Returning Soon to the Scene of the Crime…

By Cat Milton in Spotlight, January 9th, 2013

If you search Kindle for an entertaining fictitious read about Ibiza, overall you run the risk of being sorely disappointed. More likely you will be inundated with endless lists of Club and Island guides rather than a rousing good read to make you feel less homesick for this gorgeous isle. However, just of late one or two authoresses have decided to take this void and fill it – and do so from a perspective of personal experience.

So it was that Maggie Scratch came to our attention. Going back in the day, authoress Susana Gross used to write for Ibiza Spotlight! The years have passed but her life on the island seems to have stayed firmly with her, inspiring much of the insights and tone of Maggie Scratch. (Her grandfather, Harry Gross, actually nicknamed Susana “Maggie Scratch”, a pseudonym she used as a rebel reporter and much in part an inspiration for the book)

Again, regrettably, we’ve not had time to stop and read the eBook ourselves but if Amazon Kindle verified reviews are anything to go by, the book is a stunning success with its audience to date, garnering no less than twenty-two 5 star reviews.

Briefly, the storyline seems to take on many subjects that still remain taboo in open conversation (at least outside Ibiza) but allow quiet smiles of knowing as ones eyes absorb the words.

Maggie Scratch, the central character, explores relationships and all their foibles, across the years and across continents, before finally settling in Ibiza, where Maggie Scratch realises what is fuelling her restlessness… Of course, the answer is not an easy one – as a single woman, she wants a child – and one can imagine what follows, in light of the fact this part of the book is based in Ibiza, island of ‘anything goes’…

(Can’t wait to meet everyone at Libro Azul!)


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