Maggie Scratch in Barcelona Today At The Tatami Room and El Grec!

Tatami Room

The Tatami Room

You see that little hole-in-the-wall? It doesn’t look like much, does it? But life has its serendipity and I spotted The Tatami Room last Sunday on my walk home from Montjuich, coming down the mountain, from the top of Barcelona where this whole theatre thing started in the first place!

El Grec

El Grec!

Downstairs in the Tatami Room, thanks to someone named Georgina, Maggie Scratch had her Barcelona theatrical debut. In other words, the author,  yours truly, chose a few juicy passages and along with some other fellow readers, got up there in that room and jumped inside Maggie’s skin and created the voice of my character. I must say, I did have the jitters. There’s nothing like the first time.  Gearing up for it was hell. “Why am I doing this? I’ll never do this again! Why do I get myself in these situations! I hate this! It’s not me! It’s someone else!”


I loved it. The altered state. Of being Maggie Scratch. It was fun! It was magic! It was what I was meant to do. I never thought of myself as a performer although I do perform from time to time, but I love to read what I write, and I’ve done it dozens of times since that night! So thank you to The Tatami Room, to Georgina and all my friends. It’s true I’m a writer with a place to sleep, with a life I’d live all over again!

Trilengua 23 Mar 2014 ePoster-1


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