More on The Blue Shepherd


I had this idea to create the book of the screenplay. So I did. The idea was to use the book to attract a producer or a director or an actor to the story. I wasn’t in a rush. I’m never in a rush when it comes to creating. I love to make something from nothing. This was 23 years of nothing. A screenplay is pretty much nothing. It’s about as useful as toilet paper. And that’s pretty useful, but in the end, well, you do throw it away. A screenplay might as well be thrown away if it doesn’t make it to the screen, because, after all, it’s really not something people pick up and read. I mean, we generally don’t read screenplays, we watch them when they turn into movies.

So, back to the beginning.

I made a book out of my screenplay-toilet paper hoping that because it was a book and therefore something someone might read, maybe someone would be interested in taking the book a step further, or two steps, or a zillion steps, take it up into the wild blue yonder, right up into the sky, and that’s exactly what happened.



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