A Shepherd and A Little Girl

God knows where the original of this photo is. If I had the original, the crease wouldn’t be there, but what is is. At least I have this!  Juan Pujolet was my Ibicenco neighbor and I guess you could say that he is the man behind The Blue Shepherd, although, the truth is, the shepherd is also my father, my brothers and all the men in this world who deserve to be loved. The little girl here is Sadie, my daughter. I think she will remember this photo, she may even remember this moment. If Juan was still alive, I know he would remember it. He was so pleased to be sitting there that day, he was so pleased I had brought this child into the world, into my home, he was so pleased to be invited to sit there and have a drink with Sadie. A shepherd and a little girl. The sight must have lodged itself not only in my mind’s eye, but in my heart, in my soul, in my cosmic consciousness and unconsciousness and in my collective unconscious and in all my cells and all my borrowed cells too.

My shepherd, my child, I shall not want.


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