Maggie Scratch in Barcelona Tonight with Lee Scratch Perry, the Apolo and the Full Moon

I saw the full moon and was under its spell.

full moon.jpg

“Are you angels?

I’m the black king.

The king of kings.

King of the Jews.


I see Judas in the trees.”

I had no idea Perry was a poet. Or a prophet. The truth is, I didn’t know him at all.

I danced. I was free, I was wild for a while.

The Apolo’s red lights made my notebook pages pink. The Apolo won my heart. The bathroom is great. Chipped black paint on the walls, big wide mirrors for shaking out your hair and sheets of paper in the stalls. Unisex. Brand new shiny metal toilets. No seats! No lid to pull up or down.

I went back to my booth.  The Apolo filled up.

Slowly but surely the crowd rolled in, couples, love, kissin, sex!


Imagine that space being body to body.

“Exercise! Exercise!

Push up!

Push up!”

 Lee Scratch lit a joint.

“Life is spliff!

Life is spliff!”

The king coughed.

At eighty he has arms of steel.

He waved at me, he was blessing us.

lee Scratch.jpg

“My spirit is bright.

My spirit is delight.

My shadow is black.”

Apolo I love you, Apolo you enchant me, thank you Lee Scratch Perry, thank you Apolo, I’ll be back.

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