The Author of Maggie Scratch Investigates The Blue Shepherd Contract

I went here first thing yesterday morning. The Acadèmia del Cinema Català. All I had was an address. I knew the building would be on the port but I had no idea it would be so impeccable. Majestic blue skies! Warm spring air! Inside I spoke with two gentlemen. They informed me, they enlightened me, they gave me some good advice. Basically, the bottom line is: major flaws exist. I have a contract that has no duration term. Is there anything that lasts forever?

Acadèmia del Cinema Català.jpg

There you have the Barcelona post office, seems to me, it’s been there … forever! That tower, who goes there, pigeons and gulls? I have trekked many times to those big empty halls and waited in line. I was tempted to have some coffee at that lovely new cafe, but I had to hurry back to work so I got on my way.

post office.jpg

In front of the bus stop, I saw this sight.  The mosaic “Barcelona Face.” Roy Lichtenstein pays homage to Gaudi, but what about those Robocops touring the city on those machines?


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