Maggie Scratch in Barcelona Today with Gabriela

I’ve blogged her before and I will probably blog her again. Some people never end. Look at her colors! Her smile! You have no idea! What will she do next? My coach, my angel, my sister, my friend. I love when you write in my notebook and teach me a thing or two. Teach me more! Teach me how to do all the latest digital things. I’m learning,  I’m trying every day and even though you taught me, I’ll never be a tweeter, I just can’t do it — no way!



Gabriela Zea Nadal

Creator of Barcelonogy

Maggie Scratch in Barcelona Today With Her Kids Spinning the Diabolo



I love these kids. They keep me on my toes. When I come to class they tell me to put my glasses on. They tell me they want to play games. They don’t want to open their books. They tell me it’s too hot. They tell me they have a headache. They tell me they were insulted. They tell me they’re hungry. They’re thirsty. They don’t want homework. But all of them can speak a little English, all of them like to speak English. All of them are beautiful and lovable no matter how spoiled they may be and they love to laugh and have fun, but above all, every single one of them passed the exam!

Joan spinning

Joan spinning the Diabolo on his birthday!

(that’s a Samsung in his back pocket)