Maggie Scratch in Barcelona Today

You see this guy?

I once asked him what makes a good surgeon.

He answered right off the bat.

A good person!

And that was that!


Dr. Oscar Vidal

You can bet your life on him!

Handsome is as handsome does…

And some hands he has!

Hands that tie no knots.

Hands that wear no blood.

He operates without a knife,

using his laproscopic gift.

He’s seamless, he’s skillful,

he’s blessed from start to finish.

He’s nimble, he’s clean, he’s clear,

always doing his best.

Maggie Scratch in Barcelona Today With a Movie Monger

Ah! It’s Jordi morning again at the Sandor. Finally a sunny day. Today is all about film and TV. About actors and actresses. Who could fit The Blue Shepherd bill? Jordi did his homework. He has been a great scout! A talent scout! He’s found a few names we can consider. Who can be John the shepherd? He’s going to have to jump through a few hoops and he’s a hard core shepherd, a hard working man and not old but not so very young.

Can you think of anyone?



Maggie Scratch in Barcelona Celebrating Godmother’s Day

I can’t believe it!

On Mother’s Day—

I forgot to mention Godmothers!

I am one.

So Happy Godmother’s Day to me!

This pic is hot off the press.

My incredible Goddaughter, Winter Miller, is on the right.

She’s standing with an icon,

una santa?

a myth,

Gloria Steinem,  feminist.

This pic is not surprising, it’s not odd.

This pic is a natural!

Two peas in a pod!

Winter and Gloria