Papa Smurf, Blue Skinned People and The Blue Shepherd


Can this be happening to me?

I’m having a blue attack.

A nervous breakdown over the blues.


As we speak, my screenplay, The Blue Shepherd, about a man whose skin turns blue, is being read and judged at a scriptwriting contest in Hollywood. This real blue skinned man in the photo, who the media refers to as “Papa Smurf” (a bit degrading, don’t you think?) — has just died. Suddenly, blue skin is hot news.  As I’m prone to paranoia and have been told I have a likeness to  Chicken Little, it’s no wonder  I’m always afraid of being jinxed. With all this blue skin media coverage I start worrying that my blue shepherd is the cat out of the bag. Twenty three years it took me to get it to Final Draft. I tell my Papa Smurf sob story to a marketing guru and she says, “What? You are so lucky! It makes your story hot! It’s real! It’s trending, use it.”


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