Do You Get the Picture? by Maggie Scratch


I’ve heard you can tell everything about a person by the face. I never really considered this before now. I might go one step further and say, by the eyes. Do you have a calling? Some of us have careers. I think a calling can become a career but I’m not sure if all careers are callings? In Katja’s case, whether you look at her face or her eyes, it’s clear. She has been called upon to follow the path she loves. “Live the Loving,” was her message to me. Well, one of her messages. We flew through Time and Space in Barcelona, on a sofa, side by side, on a hot day in Las Corts. We could have been in Pennsylvania, in Timbuctoo, or in Tibet. I came to have my karma cleansed, or better, “realigned.” Spiritual realignment, yes, why not? I’ve been to a chiropractor to realign my bones. But what about the part of me that I can’t see? I know it’s there, that heart-part, that spirit, that soul, why does it feel so out of tune? Out of shape?  Out of place?  I thought Katja might help shed a little light on this karma of mine. She has no idea what she did. She pulled a name out of my heart. The name of a friend I wanted to make peace with.  I wrote to this friend in my notebook: “What’s the problem?” I asked. “Live in the loving,” I told her. “Forgive me, I forgive you, let’s be friends again.” I had no idea she was dying. She died the next day.

4 thoughts on “Do You Get the Picture? by Maggie Scratch

  1. Audrey Serepca-Rice says:

    Can you please tell me where you got the name Maggie scratch from/ I was born in Philadelphia, PA in 1946. My father and my uncles nicknamed me Maggie Scratch from an early age, before 1950. I never knew why or where the nickname came from. I know you might be busy but would appreciate finding an answer to my question since everyone else is involved is dead and obviously, I can’t ask them. Thanks. Audrey

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    • Susana Gross, Writer says:

      Hi Audrey! You are not the only Maggie Scratch! Since I published my novel by that name several women have told me the same thing. My grandfather called me that my whole childhood. He told me he invented it and I believe he did because he was a real character. I was also born in Philly but in 1948. I used the name as a byline when I wrote a column for a newspaper and then developed Maggie into a character for a novel. I’m sorry it took me so long to respond, I just never saw this post until now. I hope my answer reaches you, let me know if it does. Best wishes, Susana


    • Susana Gross, Writer says:

      Hi Melissa! Maybe your mother would like to read the novel, Maggie Scratch, or you might like it too!
      It’s just been published on Amazon today, the book cover image isn’t even up yet, but the book appears to be
      available if you want to buy it…now only on Kindle, but soon also in paperback. Anyway, you can read ‘About the Author’
      and maybe your mom can relate…thanks so much for commenting! Your mom and me and others have been called Maggie Scratceh, a nam my grandfather claims to have invented…almost a hundred years ago!


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