I was born in Philadelphia and I’ve been living in Spain, in Ibiza and Barcelona half my life. I’ve always been a writer. Writing chose me. If I have a genre, it’s Road Movie. I write stories, books, screenplays, poetry, fiction and non-fiction. I’m an avid pic and notetaker and I enjoy putting pictures and music to the pages of my novel, Maggie Scratch. She’s the character I created to tell my stories and I use her voice as if she were me and I were her and I guess that’s what we are, a kind of mixture of selves, from the past and the present, or, as someone once described Maggie, “The character who still lives within the author.” Actually, there are many characters, and with time they will spill out and be blogged. Thank you for reading and I hope you drop me a line.Moredon Rd

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Sheri says:

    I just ran across this…how lovely. How did I miss it. I miss you. So, let’s spend a dreary Sunday catching up. I will call u from affront the fire. Hugs and love. Your only cusis s


  2. Susana gross says:

    Divine love and light Susana Gross,
    I trust you are fine in the divine grace. I am writing you because you have the same first & last name as me. My name is Susana Gross and my husband and I are the authors of the book: From Stars To Souls. Infinite love and light to you.


    • Susana Gross, Writer says:

      Hello Susana! Thank you for writing to me. Yes, I have seen your name and your book, but it was always spelled Susanna and so I was glad we were not exactly the same. Although, of course in the light we are all the same. Happy Easter! And thanks for your blessing!


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