The Author of Maggie Scratch Reads in Ibiza at Libro Azul

I landed on Ibiza in the dark.

The whole island smelled like firewood!

Chimney smoke! Damp earth! Trees! Sky! Balmy air! Home!  The moon!

The sky ablaze with stars just being born!

I slip a mini-flashlight out of my bag and take notes in the back seat with bright little Alba while Paloma drives us along the dark, smooth, paved roads I don’t remember. My heart and eyes  overflow with the old familiar faces, all the faces come to me, stay with me, smile at me. New faces too! People in Ibiza.

What an honor, what a privilege to be invited to read my book.

The perfect place


Maggie Scratch

Santa Gertrudis

a magical place

Libro Azul

Now back in Barcelona, I have a few things more to say. Henry Miller once wrote, “Writing is a luxury.” For me, “Luxury is writing.” It’s luxurious! I don’t need much! It’s free! “All you need is a bare light bulb!” A friend  in Ibiza told me once. In those days I was living without electricity. Writing was a luxury because there was nothing to need. To this day all I need is a pen or a pencil or  an eyeliner stub. “I’m a writer with a place to sleep.” Charles Bukowski took the words right out of my mouth.

Maggie Scratch is Going to Libro Azul Ibiza

Sophia Brucklacher

sophia and libro azul

I haven’t met Sophia yet, but I will soon. Anyway, I can tell you, she’s a hard worker, she loves dogs and deep sea diving and a photographer named Gato. She runs a shop full of books and I’m honored to say, she’s invited Maggie and me to participate.

We’ll be there in February to celebrate!

sophia and gato and dogs

Thank you Sophia and Gato and gang!



maggie in libro azul

And thanks to Helen Gosch for this pic of the book


Libro Azul

a few years ago

in such an honored spot!