Full Moon in Barcelona by Maggie Scratch

full moonThis is a shot from my back patio. All I can say is, this moon has been waking me up and that’s the way it is lately, with the moon and me. I used to have a moon calendar and I used to have to check it to know when the full moon was coming, but not anymore. About a week before it’s going to be full, it starts in on me, like some Zen master trying to teach me something. It wakes me up at 4:30 in the morning, feeling all refreshed and ready to make coffee! Am I having a biological reaction to the moon? One week of the month, when the moon’s filling up, I won’t sleep. No calendar needed. When I start waking up with a teenager’s energy, the moon is my master.


Maggie Scratch is Going to Libro Azul Ibiza

Sophia Brucklacher

sophia and libro azul

I haven’t met Sophia yet, but I will soon. Anyway, I can tell you, she’s a hard worker, she loves dogs and deep sea diving and a photographer named Gato. She runs a shop full of books and I’m honored to say, she’s invited Maggie and me to participate.

We’ll be there in February to celebrate!

sophia and gato and dogs

Thank you Sophia and Gato and gang!



maggie in libro azul

And thanks to Helen Gosch for this pic of the book


Libro Azul

a few years ago

in such an honored spot!