Do You Believe in Reincarnation? by Maggie Scratch


My New Friend

That’s a gigantic bone Noire is chomping on.

I get a whole bag of bones from the village butcher.

 But Noire was my friend

before I ever gave her a bone.

One day, Noire the valley shepherd dog jumped up to greet me on the Camino

as if she’d always known me.

As if she was my dog,

from way back when.

I had a dog like Noire once.

And here she is

come back to walk with me


Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, bones to bones.

Noire, the valley shepherd dog,

my new friend

 my old dog

 come back home.


Noire in red

Noire in Red



Infinity Serendipity

Feeling at Home by Maggie Scratch





Merci beaucoup a Rocio, grandmother, Nais, daughter and Kiliana granddaughter

It isn’t every day that people take me into their home, but when they take me into their hearts, that’s feeling at home.

Feeling wanted, feeling loved, feeling like I belong.

I’ve been a foreigner half my life, I’ve learned to live outside the klan, to find my own tribe’s drum.

But what—here I am!

Here I go?



Couldn’t deny the opportunity to live in a new country.


People are people all over the world.

It’s the heart that counts.

Like Keb Mo says,

“It’s becoming clear I can feel it down in my soul.

I know that I am you and you are me.”

I like this way to live.

It’s a good way to be.



It’s Not That I’m Saying Goodbye by Maggie Scratch

Kasia and Me.jpgI’m leaving Barcelona, but I’ll be back.

There’s always so much work to do.

Spread the word!

The soul is love!

Have fun, be a friend, be a buddy, pass on the good stuff.

Here’s Kasia from Warsaw with a world of words in her head.

 Polish!  German! English! Spanish! And Catalan too!

A culture-bug-bookworm with Master’s Degrees!

Linguistics! Communication! Philology!

What does all this mean?

Find your path and hit the road.

Dig in.

There’s gold in our roots.

I’m getting my boots on.

I’m ready, let’s go!

Every step we take, here we are!

Working With the Energy Field by Maggie Scratch


Since I’m on Experiment 3, The Alby Einstein Principle, in the E-Squared book, and it’s all about how my thoughts create my energy and attract like energy to me and whatever I create, I had this thought: I’ll project my shepherd out into the world and direct his energy to the bigger field of energy, namely The Page International Screenwriter’s Awards Competition. By doing this, according to the laws of physics, I can affect the big energy field and draw the energy back to me, or, more importantly, to my story, the screenplay, The Blue Shepherd. The judges will be announcing the quarter-finalists this Friday July 15, and even though the odds in my category, Family Film, are over 500 to 1, well…somebody has to win, so why not my shepherd!





The Author of Maggie Scratch Investigates The Blue Shepherd Contract

I went here first thing yesterday morning. The Acadèmia del Cinema Català. All I had was an address. I knew the building would be on the port but I had no idea it would be so impeccable. Majestic blue skies! Warm spring air! Inside I spoke with two gentlemen. They informed me, they enlightened me, they gave me some good advice. Basically, the bottom line is: major flaws exist. I have a contract that has no duration term. Is there anything that lasts forever?

Acadèmia del Cinema Català.jpg

There you have the Barcelona post office, seems to me, it’s been there … forever! That tower, who goes there, pigeons and gulls? I have trekked many times to those big empty halls and waited in line. I was tempted to have some coffee at that lovely new cafe, but I had to hurry back to work so I got on my way.

post office.jpg

In front of the bus stop, I saw this sight.  The mosaic “Barcelona Face.” Roy Lichtenstein pays homage to Gaudi, but what about those Robocops touring the city on those machines?


The Author of Maggie Scratch says: Never give up!

The original 30 page Treatment for the film, The Blue Shepherd, was copyrighted in 1993 on my parents’ wedding anniversary day, March 24th.

The film producer, Enrique Esteban, who had various film production companies in various cities, helped with development, not only morally — he paid me! He asked me how much a treatment would cost, I quoted him my top price and he agreed without batting an eye. I asked him why he didn’t try to negotiate the price and he said: “I never argue about price.” But this is the same man who would call me for a meeting which I would think was about one thing and it would turn out to be about something entirely different. He would catch me off guard. Enrique Esteban once taught me: “Hay que torcer!” This is perhaps the best piece of doing-business advice anyone could get. The context in which he meant it would translate: “You gotta be a sly fox!”

Pre-Contract EE.jpg


Michele, you are beautiful inside and out!


More on The Blue Shepherd


I had this idea to create the book of the screenplay. So I did. The idea was to use the book to attract a producer or a director or an actor to the story. I wasn’t in a rush. I’m never in a rush when it comes to creating. I love to make something from nothing. This was 23 years of nothing. A screenplay is pretty much nothing. It’s about as useful as toilet paper. And that’s pretty useful, but in the end, well, you do throw it away. A screenplay might as well be thrown away if it doesn’t make it to the screen, because, after all, it’s really not something people pick up and read. I mean, we generally don’t read screenplays, we watch them when they turn into movies.

So, back to the beginning.

I made a book out of my screenplay-toilet paper hoping that because it was a book and therefore something someone might read, maybe someone would be interested in taking the book a step further, or two steps, or a zillion steps, take it up into the wild blue yonder, right up into the sky, and that’s exactly what happened.


The Author of Maggie Scratch Turns the Page to Hollywood




600- 2

A new blogging chapter begins here. I’ve had a birthday. I’m moving on. Time to turn the page. I will leave the fate of Maggie Scratch to my agent Angela Reynolds.

My old first child has been born again. His name is John. He’s a shepherd. How did I conceive him? Someone dared to tell me, “You are him!”


It’s true, I created him, but I’m a woman, he’s a man, how could I be him? I’m not him!

I’m his mother!

I’ve given  birth to a 23 year old shepherd!

That’s how long it’s taken me to have the script the way I want it — to have enough chutzpah to send it — my first born son, The Blue Shepherd — to Hollywood.

Dear friends, here you have the first glimpse into  my film, my  dream, my life project.